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A Time for Sales

It is earnings season on Wall Street, and a recent report came out in the WSJ about publicly traded companies posting sightly better than expected earnings.  In fact, 60% of the companies on Wall Street met their earnings estimates.  That’s good news.  The bad news?  Only 40% of those companies made their revenue forecasts.  That’s downright brutal. Now…

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The Art of the Smile

I have often said that Sales is simply the transferal of emotion, and earning the trust of the party you wish to do business with.  Many nuances go into that art, but there are two that I truly believe that set the top performers apart from the masses.  A simple smile, and eye contact. In…

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Israel – History, Broadcasting, and…. Falafel

This week, Epicmedia Consulting is heading to the land of Israel.  I”m traveling with my dear friend, and client, Roger Hedgecock.  Roger will be broadcasting from Israel the week of March 26, and invited me to join him on the trek.  He is heard weekly on over 90 Radio Stations nationwide.  We will be visiting…

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Courage + Strategy = Cheddar

It”s simple math, that so many companies ignore.  Courage Strategy = Cheddar.  Some companies ignore both disciplines of the equation, but most ignore one part or the other.  One offender, is the “overly courageous” company that shoots from the hip, and ignores the strategic planning necessary to pull off a vision that requires balls.  The other…

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Hotel Reality for Start-up’s

I stumbled upon this chart in the Silicon Alley Insider.  I feel like it truly represents what so many great start-up”s believe will never happen to them.  Both, in the sputtering start of the venture (it started “hot”, but they cant believe there have been “so many challenges” along the way), and then in the eventual pick up of…

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Welcome to the Party

It gives me great pleasure to launch the Epicmedia Consulting site.  It might sound goofy, but I have always dreamed of having my own Professional Services firm, helping high impact companies and individuals activate new ways of creating more revenue.  For the last year and a half, I have been working with some of the most fascinating companies and incredible people…

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