The Art of the Smile

I have often said that Sales is simply the transferal of emotion, and earning the trust of the party you wish to do business with.  Many nuances go into that art, but there are two that I truly believe that set the top performers apart from the masses.  A simple smile, and eye contact.

In life, we are drawn to people that are positive, upbeat, optimistic, and kind.  I truly believe this, and put my notion to the test on my latest trip to New York.  As I walked down the always busy and hectic Avenue of the Americas, I chose to smile as I walked to various appointments, keeping my head up, and making eye contact, as I passed people on the street.  Something amazing happened.  People returned the emotion, smiled back, and nodded, as if to say “hello”, and “thank you”.  Conversely, on the way back from my meetings, I didn”t.  I didn”t frown, or scowl at people, but I didn”t make eye contact or smile either.  Not one New Yorker gave me the time of day.  Interesting, but not shocking.  We reap what we sow.

Sales is a part of everyday life, and no matter what your profession, we all “sell ourselves” very day.  To clients, friends, family, and strangers.  Take my advice.  Smile, and look at people in the eye.  People buy people, not things.  What the worst thing that might happen?  You don’t close a sale?  Someone doesn”t smile back?  Here is a thought; you weren”t going to close that deal, or make that friend anyway.  More likely, you will set yourself apart from the masses, draw people towards you, and that’s one of the key “Art”s” of Sales.

Posted on June 25, 2012 in Blog, News

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