A Time for Sales

It is earnings season on Wall Street, and a recent report came out in the WSJ about publicly traded companies posting sightly better than expected earnings.  In fact, 60% of the companies on Wall Street met their earnings estimates.  That’s good news.  The bad news?  Only 40% of those companies made their revenue forecasts.  That’s downright brutal.

Now is the time to for companies to address the critical issue at hand, and stop the madness.  Increase revenues.  Many executives have escaped the corporate firing squads by cutting, expenses, resources and work force.  That strategy only has legs so long, and one-day soon, they will fail to meet both estimates, unless they increase their revenues immediately.

Rip the corporate band-aid off America, and create better products, goods and services.  Then, actually have an innovative strategy and sales-force to go sell them.  It”s just a (damn good) thought.

Posted on July 23, 2012 in Blog, News

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