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Epicmedia Consulting, LLC is an innovative, cutting edge management consultancy dedicated to helping high impact companies and talent activate their fullest revenue potential.  Created in 2010, EMC offers three distinct areas of concentration, passion, and revenue activation.

Who We Are

Brad Samuel created Epicmedia Consulting, LLC in 2010 to do one thing, help companies and high profile individuals activate their fullest sales and revenue potential.

Mr. Samuel’s background began in media sales and platform creation. He served as Vice President of Sales for Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia), the world’s largest radio, digital, and out of home entertainment company. Mr. Samuel is honored to have worked with some of the top talent in media, creating new and innovative ways to monetize their brands. Prior to Clear Channel, Mr. Samuel served as the Director of Strategic Marketing for Disney’s Radio division in San Diego.

When Epicmedia opened its doors, the world was and is yet again facing its biggest financial challenge since The Great Depression. Companies and brands realize that they must adapt or die. But how? That’s the billion dollar question. Everyone knows they must do things differently but few have the modern creative problem solving skills to do so.

Mr. Samuel’s passion is sales activation by getting out of the proverbial box and daring to dream. Companies that have managed to stay in business, and make their earnings numbers, have done so though cutting expense. A ton of it. Now that companies have cut their fat, the only solution is to create top line revenue. Doing “business as unusual” is not a luxury, or a catch phrase. Today, it’s an absolute necessity.

Mr. Samuel’s professional passions include sales activation, product integration, product evangelism, sales structure and platform analysis, leadership training, negotiation, and generating results through ideation. Mr. Samuel serves, and has served, on a number of board’s advising organizations on media, vision, business, and sales strategy.


Talent Representation

Media Consulting

Media Planning & Placement

Blockchain & Web3

Media Companies

Click Phase Marketing

Brand Strategy & Operationalization

Social Media Marketing

Crisis Communications

Media Relations & Communications

Media Consulting

The rapidly changing market continues to reshape the Media, and how leading high impact companies activate sales using those outlets. As technology platforms rapidly evolve, new business models emerge, and consumers media habits change. Figuring out the proper blend of new and traditional media to create meaningful results can feel like running a marathon and a sprint at the same time for today’s business decision makers. Epicmedia Consulting, LLC passionately helps CEO’s and CMO’s navigate those ever-changing waters. (Snorkels and swim fins not included).

Convinced Yet?

Companies cut their way to the bottom line during the first few years of our practice and are doing so again. Rabidly. Now, it’s essential for those same companies to re-engage their customers, and create sales, as there is little more fat to cut. The time to act is now, as the economy is beginning to recover, not once is has already recovered. By then, it’s too late.

Epicmedia Consulting will oftentimes act as a companies defacto CMO, working with their internal Marketing and Sales Teams to create rapid, high impact results. We pride ourselves on not just creating innovative media and revenue strategies, but through entirely new business channels as well. Creating new businesses, and sub-brands within existing businesses, is an area of massive opportunity for many companies today.

EMC helps leading companies make sense of how to best navigate media, creative and entertainment companies, activating sales and brand awareness by using a modern mix of strategy and innovation. If you are a high impact company that relies on activating sales, oftentimes through media, EMC would love the opportunity to take an intelligent 360 degree look at your media + sales strategy, and offer comprehensive recommendations that dramatically accelerate revenue growth.

Talent Representation

Epicmedia Consulting (EMC) manages the careers and brands for many leading entertainment, sports and broadcast figures. From contract negotiations, to brand optimization, EMC takes a complete 360 degree approach to curating, marketing and monetizing top talent and their brands. Whether you talk, dunk, or have funk, this is our game. Wanna play?

Power Up

With talent, most representation ends after a contract is negotiated. That’s were EMC begins. Our vision is to continuously help the artist proactively optimize their agreement and find new ways of creating revenue. Digital media has truly enabled new multi-dimensional avenues for distribution and most importantly, monetization for today’s broadcast talent.

Social Influencers role in marketing is changing faster than 5G, yet few influencers are equipped to monetize their brand to its fullest extent. EMC helps connect talent to companies who are looking for new ways to connect with diverse and often fragmented audiences. We help set strategy, curate their brand beyond their feed, and monetize the process.

Sports figures have a unique opportunity in front of them today as well. How does one optimize their brand during, and long after their playing career is over? EMC also specializes in “Current and post career revenue strategies” that include product evangelism, broadcast coaching, digital optimization, and social media activation that allows the athlete to create meaningful post-career revenue streams.

Occasionally our clients find themselves under attack from outside advocacies or pressure groups. In these extreme cases, we partner with other best in class crisis and reputation management firms such as Digital Strategies, LLC, mitigating the damage, and creating rebuttal strategies.

If you are a broadcaster, sports figure, or high profile personality, EMC would love an opportunity to discuss a curation strategy, and the immediate monetization of your brand

Media Companies

Epicmedia Consulting advises some of the largest and innovative media companies on earth. EMC specializes in cutting edge sales activation strategies and platform revenue optimization. The days of merely “selling the numbers” are over forever. Audiences have fragmented, and marketers have more options than ever. We work with Digital Publishers, TV, Radio, Outdoor, and Social Platforms helping them create a “view of the possible” and then helping them act on it, creating new revenue streams for their media outlets. Welcome to “Survivor: Media Island”.

Open Your Mind

EMC helps leading media companies activate incremental sales through creating innovative product placement, monetize on-air and on-site talent, digital strategy, and activate true client integration throughout a companies platform. Organic integration is what advertisers are looking for, and is what EMC specializes in helping traditional and new media companies do. We build “best in breed” product offerings, and take them to market. Oftentimes, these innovative new revenue streams produce significant “bottom line friendly” dollars, increasing that companies selling price, and cash flow multiple.

EMC is also passionate in helping develop entirely new media companies. We offer end to end activation of potential opportunities and offer solutions to aid their planning, successful start up, and vision for sustained success.

If you are a major or emerging media company looking to unlock your platforms fullest revenue potential, EMC is an industry leader in creating, building, and monetizing those mission critical financial streams. We would be happy to show you specific case studies on how, and why, our strategies are some of the most sought after in media today.

Media Buying

Epicmedia Consulting is a leading independent media planning and buying agency. Our media strategy and buying was founded on the philosophy that a client’s return on investment (ROI) should be at the absolute forefront of its advertising efforts. It’s a combination of art + science that creates extraordinary results. Our “Inside Out Methodology” is best in class, and we are proud to have the track-record to prove it.

Expand Your Reach

EMC delivers consistent results to our clients with innovative, risk adverse, measured digital, social, radio, TV, direct mail, outdoor, and mobile media buying and planning strategies. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, branding is nice, but revenue activation is essential. Our targeted, multi-media approach to buying creates incremental response over traditional media buying firms.

If you are a high impact company in need of strategic, modern media planning and placement, EMC can help you activate an optimized plan that creates measurable results that you can count on. Today, every dollar counts, and we invest yours, as if it is ours personally. Let EMC show you how our buying strategy and inner-knowledge of the way media companies negotiate, make a meaningful difference to your ROI.

Digital Performance Marketing

Epicmedia Consulting, LLC provides superior quality end-to-end services for high impact organizations developing or executing a click phase marketing strategy.  Not only does this lead to superior business results, but reduced marketing costs as well.  No one ever gets fired for saving money.

Click Here Now

The challenge of digital performance marketing (click marketing) is deploying an end-to-end solution that incorporates best practices in pre-click, at-click, and post-click marketing activities. This requires assembling a digital system that works seamlessly using the tool-sets of a number of vendors. Click marketing is the process of buying search and display advertising, developing landing pages, and optimizing offers and approaches in order to complete transactions online (shopping cart), or develop leads for follow up (lead management).

These phases include:

  1. Pre-click: The advertising process that delivers traffic to your landing pages
  2. At-click: The landing page/website experience up to conversion or exit
  3. Post-click: The sale and/or nurturing experience that extends to a transaction

This work is part of a well-balanced continuum of activity. The full value of smart advertising can only be realized by a high quality conversion program that turns visitors into customers. And since relationship building in the digital sphere is a life value process, rather than a single transaction, finding and holding tight to your best clients requires a continuous nurturing and re-marketing program that addresses their unique interests, with unique opportunities.

EMC works with best in class technology providers through our own staff to tightly integrate all phases of Click Phase Marketing into one seamless program.

We are a professional services firm that advises our clients on maximizing revenue through best practices, and provides digital media buying, landing page services, and other components of development as part of our total relationship.

If your business substantially relies on the digital ecosystem to deliver transactions or leads, we’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss the way we work, and how we differ from most digital advertising agencies.

Blockchain & Web3

A quick sell-out is the gold standard and end game for every Web3 project launch. NFTs and digital collectibles that sell out fast make headlines, capture the attention of enthusiasts and newbies alike, and increase in value on the secondary market.

Know More

The most successful projects tell a compelling story to ensure their audience understands the same value propositions. When it comes to an innovative, calculated plan and execution, look no further.

Epicmedia Consulting can help you tell your story to the audience that matters most. We help craft the right messages that resonate with your target audience, leading to increased engagement within your community and ultimately resulting in more conversions.

We’ve worked with major Web3 brands like Orange Comet and Disney to boost brand growth through influencers, publishers, PR, SEO, social media management, and paid advertising. We’ve got Web3 marketing down to a science.

Our tried and true strategies include:

  • Go-To-Market Launch Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Building & Engagement
  • Paid & Earned Media Management
  • E-Mail Marketing

The Web3 space is noisy, competitive, and cluttered. Our extensive omnichannel marketing background and expertise provide a strong foundation for every marketing campaign we create, execute, and evaluate. When everything’s riding on the success of your project, you can’t afford to take chances.

When you need to be heard, Epicmedia will tell your story and deliver results in the Web3 space.




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