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It gives me great pleasure to launch the Epicmedia Consulting site.  It might sound goofy, but I have always dreamed of having my own Professional Services firm, helping high impact companies and individuals activate new ways of creating more revenue.  For the last year and a half, I have been working with some of the most fascinating companies and incredible people doing just that.  Some kids dream of being astronauts, doctors or musicians.  This was what I dreamed about.  I know, it”s ridiculous.

I am so thankful to so many people who have helped me get to this place in my professional and personal life.  First my parents, Gail and Rene” Samuel who gave me the love, tools, support and upbringing that any child could ever hope for.  They encouraged me every step of the way.  This first post is dedicated to my father, who would have loved more than anything to read this for himself.  He is with me everyday.  Next, my smart, sassy, and beautiful wife Tanya, who inspires me everyday and and believed in me and this vision long before it got off the ground.  She is my best friend, and brilliant media professional as well.  My incredible children, Lauren and Matthew, whose love and support mean the world to me.  I am inspired by Derek Samuel, my brother, one of the leading Biomechanists, and Sports Medicine professionals on earth.  He truly helps people lead better, more healthy lives. and is clearly the smarter of the two Samuel boys.  Finally, I want to thank all of the amazing mentors, friends, clients, naysayers, and companies I worked for.  Each of them prepared me for this incredible opportunity.  I wish I could mention all of you by name, but the list is simply too long.  I will however single out two people that must be recognized, Bruce Walton and Kraig T. Kitchin.  Bruce was the first person to believe in me professionally, and give me an opportunity in media.  Kraig gave, and continues to give me priceless advice and support with EMC.  I love you all.

Over time, I”ll post personal and professional thoughts that will hopefully lead, inform, and inspire you, the way so many people have done for me.  Pay it forward.

Posted on March 3, 2012 in News

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