Courage + Strategy = Cheddar

It”s simple math, that so many companies ignore.  Courage Strategy = Cheddar.  Some companies ignore both disciplines of the equation, but most ignore one part or the other.  One offender, is the “overly courageous” company that shoots from the hip, and ignores the strategic planning necessary to pull off a vision that requires balls.  The other version (and most big companies follow) is “all strategy, but no courage”.  They play not to lose, instead of playing to continuously win.  The companies that do both well, they win, and win big.

One “New textbook” example of such a company is Glenn Beck”s, Mercury Radio Arts.  Whether you adore Glenn or despise him, there is zero debating that his companies Courage Strategy has yielded him tremendous, unparalleled success.  His vision was created with Courage (“Keep a journal, as we will redefine media in ways the world has never seen….”) and Strategy, (“We will be ubiquitous, present in every area of media, Radio, Online, Mobile, Live-Events, Publishing, and TV without being beholden to any one company, except our own ideals…..”).  I heard Glenn espouse these principles personally, as I work with his organization.

Recent articles in The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic (link below), chronicle Glenn”s move to a true multi-platform and increasingly self-owned enterprise.

In business, it doesn’t matter what side of the isle you are on, Republican, Independent, or Democrat.  This post isn”t about politics, it”s about math.  Simple arithmetic. Courage Strategy = Cheddar.  If a “C Student” from Cal State Northridge can get it, the notion is clearly open to everyone.

Posted on April 29, 2012 in Blog, News

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