Who We Are

Brad Samuel created Epicmedia Consulting, LLC in 2010 to do one thing, help companies and high profile individuals activate their fullest sales and revenue potential.

Mr. Samuel’s background began in media sales and platform creation. He served as Vice President of Sales for Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia), the world’s largest radio, digital, and out of home entertainment company. Mr. Samuel is honored to have worked with some of the top talent in media, creating new and innovative ways to monetize their brands. Prior to Clear Channel, Mr. Samuel served as the Director of Strategic Marketing for Disney’s Radio division in San Diego.

When Epicmedia opened its doors, the world was and is yet again facing its biggest financial challenge since The Great Depression. Companies and brands realize that they must adapt or die. But how? That’s the billion dollar question. Everyone knows they must do things differently but few have the modern creative problem solving skills to do so.

Mr. Samuel’s passion is sales activation by getting out of the proverbial box and daring to dream. Companies that have managed to stay in business, and make their earnings numbers, have done so though cutting expense. A ton of it. Now that companies have cut their fat, the only solution is to create top line revenue. Doing “business as unusual” is not a luxury, or a catch phrase. Today, it’s an absolute necessity.

Mr. Samuel’s professional passions include sales activation, product integration, product evangelism, sales structure and platform analysis, leadership training, negotiation, and generating results through ideation. Mr. Samuel serves, and has served, on a number of board’s advising organizations on media, vision, business, and sales strategy.

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