Talent Representation

Epicmedia Consulting (EMC) manages the careers and brands for many leading entertainment, sports and broadcast figures. From contract negotiations, to brand optimization, EMC takes a complete 360 degree approach to curating, marketing and monetizing top talent and their brands. Whether you talk, dunk, or have funk, this is our game. Wanna play?

Power Up

With talent, most representation ends after a contract is negotiated. That’s were EMC begins. Our vision is to continuously help the artist proactively optimize their agreement and find new ways of creating revenue. Digital media has truly enabled new multi-dimensional avenues for distribution and most importantly, monetization for today’s broadcast talent.

Social Influencers role in marketing is changing faster than 5G, yet few influencers are equipped to monetize their brand to its fullest extent. EMC helps connect talent to companies who are looking for new ways to connect with diverse and often fragmented audiences. We help set strategy, curate their brand beyond their feed, and monetize the process.

Sports figures have a unique opportunity in front of them today as well. How does one optimize their brand during, and long after their playing career is over? EMC also specializes in “Current and post career revenue strategies” that include product evangelism, broadcast coaching, digital optimization, and social media activation that allows the athlete to create meaningful post-career revenue streams.

Occasionally our clients find themselves under attack from outside advocacies or pressure groups. In these extreme cases, we partner with other best in class crisis and reputation management firms such as Digital Strategies, LLC, mitigating the damage, and creating rebuttal strategies.

If you are a broadcaster, sports figure, or high profile personality, EMC would love an opportunity to discuss a curation strategy, and the immediate monetization of your brand

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