Media Companies

Epicmedia Consulting advises some of the largest and innovative media companies on earth. EMC specializes in cutting edge sales activation strategies and platform revenue optimization. The days of merely “selling the numbers” are over forever. Audiences have fragmented, and marketers have more options than ever. We work with Digital Publishers, TV, Radio, Outdoor, and Social Platforms helping them create a “view of the possible” and then helping them act on it, creating new revenue streams for their media outlets. Welcome to “Survivor: Media Island”.

Open Your Mind

EMC helps leading media companies activate incremental sales through creating innovative product placement, monetize on-air and on-site talent, digital strategy, and activate true client integration throughout a companies platform. Organic integration is what advertisers are looking for, and is what EMC specializes in helping traditional and new media companies do. We build “best in breed” product offerings, and take them to market. Oftentimes, these innovative new revenue streams produce significant “bottom line friendly” dollars, increasing that companies selling price, and cash flow multiple.

EMC is also passionate in helping develop entirely new media companies. We offer end to end activation of potential opportunities and offer solutions to aid their planning, successful start up, and vision for sustained success.

If you are a major or emerging media company looking to unlock your platforms fullest revenue potential, EMC is an industry leader in creating, building, and monetizing those mission critical financial streams. We would be happy to show you specific case studies on how, and why, our strategies are some of the most sought after in media today.

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