Digital Performance Marketing

Epicmedia Consulting, LLC provides superior quality end-to-end services for high impact organizations developing or executing a click phase marketing strategy.  Not only does this lead to superior business results, but reduced marketing costs as well.  No one ever gets fired for saving money.

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The challenge of digital performance marketing (click marketing) is deploying an end-to-end solution that incorporates best practices in pre-click, at-click, and post-click marketing activities. This requires assembling a digital system that works seamlessly using the tool-sets of a number of vendors. Click marketing is the process of buying search and display advertising, developing landing pages, and optimizing offers and approaches in order to complete transactions online (shopping cart), or develop leads for follow up (lead management).

These phases include:

  1. Pre-click: The advertising process that delivers traffic to your landing pages
  2. At-click: The landing page/website experience up to conversion or exit
  3. Post-click: The sale and/or nurturing experience that extends to a transaction

This work is part of a well-balanced continuum of activity. The full value of smart advertising can only be realized by a high quality conversion program that turns visitors into customers. And since relationship building in the digital sphere is a life value process, rather than a single transaction, finding and holding tight to your best clients requires a continuous nurturing and re-marketing program that addresses their unique interests, with unique opportunities.

EMC works with best in class technology providers through our own staff to tightly integrate all phases of Click Phase Marketing into one seamless program.

We are a professional services firm that advises our clients on maximizing revenue through best practices, and provides digital media buying, landing page services, and other components of development as part of our total relationship.

If your business substantially relies on the digital ecosystem to deliver transactions or leads, we’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss the way we work, and how we differ from most digital advertising agencies.

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